Abnormal Behavior, A Term That Is Often Thrown Around Without

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Abnormal behavior, a term that is often thrown around without having the proper knowledge of the actual definition. Abnormal behavior goes way beyond just acting or behaving differently than what one might consider your “average Joe”. Abnormal behavior is behavior that interferes with everyday living when one cannot function with everyday tasks only then the behavior can be considered abnormal. Depression is an abnormal behavior being that it affects Persistent Depressive Disorder also known as PDD or it’s late name of Dysthymia is a chronic type state of depression in which a person’s mood is regularly low but does not hold symptoms as severe as major depression. The symptoms generally last in adult for about 2 years while in children and …show more content…

The feeling of being sad, angry and irritable are generally normal and subside within a week or two but for some women it doesn’t go away just that easy, for some women the depression sticks and begins to negatively affect their everyday life. The rate of successful suicides for males is higher because men tend to men turn to a more violent side of coping they become frustrated, discouraged, irritable, angry, and sometimes abusive. Some men even throw themselves into their work to avoid talking about their depression with family or friends, or behave recklessly. Most men don 't seek help in any form or even talk about the challenging disorder they are facing and an effect of that would be the depression getting worse, absorbing them. There are some women that too allow their PDD to go untreated and deal with it by just not talking about it. A sort of personal experience with PDD is with a close relative of mine, who has been dealing with PDD for three years now and it has greatly affected her. She described waking up everyday with a heavy heart, she could not remember a day when she did not feel this way, the feeling you get when you lose a close relative, that is the feeling she woke up with each morning. For as long as she can remember each day she was sadden by the fact that she had awaken once again and would have to live through yet another sad and gloomy day yet she could not figure out why each day felt this way. Imagine waking

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