Abolish Electoral Vote Essay

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Donald Trump, A president that will either make or break this country in the next 8 years. Suddenly people are wondering how the heck he got elected.He got elected through the electoral vote, the way this country has elected leaders ever since the start of the country, but is it really the best option for electing the leader of the free world? This paper will show why the electoral college is the best option for electing our leader and why it should always be the way we elect our leader. The main argument as to why we should abolish the electoral college is because it doesn’t have equal representation.This is pertainting to the 2016 election in which hillary won the popular vote but didn’t win the election. This is an irrelevant argument because up until 2016 only three presidents had won the elecotral college and not the popular vote. Also if we switched to the popular vote we would would run the risk of voter fraud. Voter fraud can be a variety of things such as paying people to vote for you or switching ballots in your favor. Also, if we have a low turnout then it won’t have an equal representation of what our country wants. This year over 90 million people didn’t go out and vote(ABC Polls). Just think how 90 million could swung the election this year if we had been using…show more content…
It counts every vote including people that possibly may not be citzens but still want to particpate in the election process. Also, Modern technology allows voters to get necessary information to make informed decisions in a way that that the founding fathers never could. Back when the electoral college was started, it was started because they didn’t want the majority of the population making an uninformed decision and choosing a terrible president. Also, Donald Trump said before the 2016 election that he would love to see a simpler system of each individual vote counted. After the 2016 election is which he won he stated that he no longer
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