Abolish The Child Support System

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Abolish the Child Support System
Child support should no longer be feasible in the United States, because it is outdated, tough on low-income fathers and most importantly undermines the efforts of the fathers who do get involve in their child’s life. Sadly, the government merely focus on the enforcement portion of the law. Child support in this day and age has prolonged its deceptive theory of actually supporting the child with the absence of a parent; typically a father. In the United States, “when parents do not live together, children most often live with their mothers” (Grall 2009). Granted that more women and government have taken advantage of the absences of fathers; without facing any repercussions for their actions. In the end, such absences carry detrimental effect on most children who are raised by a single parent with the government hypothetical assistance. These pressing issues are becoming prominent as “most children in the U.S. spends some portion of their childhood living apart from at least one of their parents” (Grall 2009). Part of this occurs mainly because of high divorce rates as well as an unprecedented increase of childbirth to unmarried parents. In fact, one of the “greatest indicator for poverty and welfare dependency is a child born to a single mother headed household” (McCormick 2004). This concept does not merely dismantle the importance of family values, but it also promotes the continuous cycle of single-parenting. For this reason, having a…
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