Abortion : A Controversial Debate

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Abortion There truly is not a more controversial or passionate debate as the one on abortion. This issue is completely unique due to the firm line between groups that support or are against it. Whichever side a person finds themselves on, usually for many reasons, it becomes a fierce and firm position that will not waiver. In this case I am glad that people are so passionate, a human life is at stake. This subject should bring great feelings and beliefs up. I would be completely sickened if abortion was just an easy decision and did not spark any emotions in people. As stated earlier, abortion is defined as “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy.” According to Students For Life Of America there are many risks with having an abortion including medical, emotional, and health issues that can happen later in life. These include complications such as heavy bleeding, infection, damage of cervix, depression, sexual dysfunction, suicidal thoughts, breast cancer, ectopic pregnancy and many more. Whether a person is for or against safety needs to be a priority for these women. Personally I have always had strong Pro-life beliefs. At the young age of sixteen I found myself pregnant with hard choices to be made. However, my beliefs did not waiver, even in this difficult place I found myself. There was not choice for me. I was a mom from the moment I heard the news. I am extremely thankful that the
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