Abortion: A Fictional Narrative

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Harriet let out a shriek of disbelief. “WHAT!!?? NO!!!”
Howleen buried her face in her hands, just shaking her head and whimpering. The others just stared at Howleen in pure confusion and shock.
“W-why didn’t you say something?” Clawdeen asked, blinking back some hot tears she felt welling up.
Howleen wiped her eyes with her bandaged wrist, sobbing. “I’m sorry!”
The nurse watched the scene sadly. “Would you like to think about an abortion? I can set up a date for you.”
Howleen did not answer. She continued to sob pitifully, and her mother looked up at the nurse after a moment. “We’ll think about it.”
The nurse nodded solemnly and left the family alone, closing the door behind her.
After a few minutes, Howleen finally calmed, and Clawd quietly …show more content…

“There were two of them. One had long red hair and he was wearing an ugly suit and tie. The other one had short, brown hair and a black jacket with no shirt. And they were,” Howleen took a breath, her eyes becoming downcast. “They were both …show more content…

“Oh, no…oh, no! What did they do to you?”
Howleen sighed, turning away. “Well, first they started hootin’ at me, and whistling and calling things like, ‘come’re doggie!’ and ‘I got a treat for you!’. First, I was ignoring them. I kept walking until one ran up behind me and grabbed my arm, and…” she winced at the memory. “Then I blacked out. I don’t remember anything after that, except…”
“Except what?” Clawdeen asked, rubbing her sister’s arm.
Howleen brushed a lock of hair out of her face, looking around. “Anyone got pen and paper?”
Clawk nodded and handed his daughter a sticky note and a pen. Right away, Howleen drew a smiley face with a pair of fangs sticking out of the corners of its mouth and underneath it the letters, “TVC”. She handed the picture to her mother, who raised an eyebrow.
“What is this?” she asked.
“I saw that when I woke up,” Howleen explained. “I was in an alley and that was spray painted on the wall. I was tired and thirsty and sore in…some places,” she blushed a bit, but nevertheless continued. “My phone said it had been twenty minutes since I left the bowling alley, so I just went

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