Abortion And Abortion

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Scientific theories are helpful to understand how the abortion-breast cancer could be true, but how is one to know whether what has been hypothesized has actually happened? How can one know whether ABC link is highly probable, rather than merely possible? To see the effects of abortion on breast cancer, one must move out of the realm of hypotheses and theories and into the realm of concrete data. Such is the case with the information presented in the book published by The de Veber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research; Complications: Abortion's Impact on Women. In it, the authors of the book conclusively state, “There are now 56 studies that show a positive association between abortion and breast cancer, of which 35 are statistically significant” (Lanfranchi et al. 121). Studying China in particular is a good illustration of the abortion-breast cancer link. After the one-child policy was enforced, there was a significant increase in abortions, and a corresponding substantial increase in breast cancer rates (Lanfranchi et al. 123). In 2012, a Chinese study found a dose-response association between abortion and breast cancer, with an increased 33 percent risk for one abortion, 76 percent increase for two abortions, and 165 percent increased risk for three or more abortions (Lanfranchi et al. 121). In addition, epidemiological studies concerning the ABC link meet the Bradford-Hill criteria for “classifying abortion as a causal risk for breast cancer” (Lanfranchi et al.

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