Abortion: Divisive Moral And Political Issues

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Abortion “is one of the most divisive moral and political issues” in this day and age (Wicclair & Gosman, 2005). There are many emotions tied to abortion, which makes it even more complicated to discuss. Multitudes of people ponder if abortion is right or wrong, and whether it should be considered permissible or not. One societal problem related to abortion concerns the fact that it tests ethical and moral values even though it is legal. Abortion continues to question the values of the United States, since it is a legitimate process now, but can be remedied by education, adoption, and overturning a law that has made abortion so easily available. Abortion is the termination of a baby’s life before birth. This operation usually takes place in the first trimester of the pregnancy and can be preformed in a few ways: by pill or by procedure. During an abortion procedure, a local anesthetic is used. …show more content…

A baby’s heart starts beating at 18 days. When a woman misses her period due to pregnancy, she is already 14 days pregnant. If everyone can all agree that the reason a person is alive is because their heart is beating, then why does it matter the size of the unborn if their heart is beating from day 18 of conception? When most people were born, they were only a few pounds. However, no one denied the fact that they were not live humans. The first solution includes education to young individuals about human life and fetal development. Many people do not know the facts about abortion and what it entails. Society should educate the young before they are sexually active about responsibilities of becoming pregnant and being a parent, fetal development, and adoption. Educating people at a young age about the things that can be done instead of an abortion may change their decision about having an abortion or counseling someone who is thinking about having one in the

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