Abortion Doesn T Make You Un-Pregnant

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"Abortion doesn't make you un-pregnant, it just makes you the mother of a dead baby". This quote is 100% accurate. Abortions should not be legal. It should be considered manslaughter to an innocent human being who had yet to make decisions for himself. There are better options out there then abortion. Abortions can cause physical and emotional pain for the mothers and the baby. Some women do describe a feeling of uncomfortable "pressure" and/or pain similar to menstrual cramps. Women are also likely to experience some pain after the abortion. Abortion can also cause emotional pain by seeing the life inside you torn and put to sleep. Sometimes a deep feeling of sadness will set in immediately. "Because abortion is a final decision that can’t be taken back, I believe most women, myself included, are forced to go into a period of stuffing down the sadness and getting on with life." I can imagine going through total and complete regret if I ever made the decision to have an abortion. I think not knowing what my life can be like without my unborn child is what scares me the most. …show more content…

No one should have the right to discard of a human being whether they're pro-choice or not. It should be illegal. Humanity is the qualities that make us human. The ability to love and have compassion, to be creative, and not be an alien. Once your baby is conceived, it is alive and breathing. Taking away the baby's right to live should be considered manslaughter. We protect bald eagles, trees & plants, whales, and rain forests, but a living, breathing unborn baby with rights of his own can be aborted? That makes no sense

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