Abortion From The Perspective Of Moral Philosophies

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Abortion from the Perspective of Moral Philosophies Abortion has been and still is a very controversial topic. Many people debate whether abortion is an act of murder or an act of agency. Is a person pro-choice or pro-life? Abortion is no light subject. Chances are that people will always dispute its terms. Many believe that abortion is an answer to population control. Others believe that the earth will be able to sustain itself to provide for new life. To help decipher this moral dilemma, moral philosophies are examined. The two most profound moral philosophies used to study abortion are utilitarianism and deontology. Over the course of this paper, I will assess the subject of abortion in regards to population control, including its effects and address it in accordance with the theories of utilitarianism and deontology. I will explain the stances of each philosophy concerning abortion as a means to overpopulation. In conclusion, I will reevaluate the moral problem and restate the essence of what I discussed about the moral philosophies. The earth’s population is over 7 billion and growing. This has caused many people to question the provisions that will be provided in the future for the coming generations because of the overconsumption of individuals. The earth is already struggling to sustain its natural resources for the vast majority of people living here, so bringing more children will cause extra strain on trying to preserve them. Water is an example of a…
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