Abortion : Is It Time For Clarify Australia 's Confusing Laws?

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Abortion: Is it time to clarify Australia’s Confusing Laws? In 2012 calamity displayed that even in modern times such as this, someone can enter a first-world facility and be denied an abortion that could potentially save their life. Savita Halppaanavar, a 31 year-old woman who was 17 weeks pregnant and miscarrying requested treatment at the University Hospital Galway, in Ireland. Despite the fact that Savita was miscarrying and there was no chance that the foetus would survive, she was refused termination while a foetal heartbeat lingered. Days later, when an abortion was finally performed, Savita had contracted septicaemia and it was too late; Savita died . So what does the situation look like in Australia and could such a tragedy occur in our own country? This report analyses the legality and availability of abortion in Australia and will refrain from commenting on the morality of the subject and availability of and use of contraception as space prevents such an analysis. What is Abortion? Abortion occurs when a pregnancy is deliberately terminated, and is most often performed in the first trimester (12 weeks). Some abortions are, however, performed in the second trimester (12 to 24 weeks) and in rare circumstances during the third trimester (24 to 36 weeks) . Two types of abortion are available in Australia: • Surgical abortion - A low-risk procedure that is used for the termination of pregnancies in the first trimester. “It involves removing the lining and the

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