Abortion- Is It a Moral or an Immoral Choice? Essay

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The title of the first article is "Abortion is a Moral Choice" by Henry Morgentaler. This article upholds women's rights to abortion in the belief that it reduces the number of unwanted children and also reduces the number of adult criminals that suffer from childhood neglect or parental abuse.
The title of the second article is "Abortion is Immoral" by John Paul II. This article objects abortion in the belief that it is a crime which kills an innocent human being and also against all Christian belief that abortion could be of any good regardless of circumstances.
Abortion is a pro-choice decision which allows children to be born into homes which they will be loved and cared for. Abortion also gives the right to parents to decide
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Should she be forced to carry-out an unwanted pregnancy so that she and her child can suffer from long-term resentment? In another scenario, let's say the pregnant woman is a victim of mental, physical, and/or emotional abuse from the child's father. Should we condemn her for terminating her pregnancy, or support her for choosing to save her child from suffering from the same abuse. Have we not learned anything from donating thousands of dollars to families who are financially incapable of providing for their children? Who are we to say that abortion is wrong when we are so unwillingfully stubborn to donate one single dollar or as little as one quarter a day to help support needy families? We are too quick to judge abortion as wrong but not quick enough to help families in need. Abortion could possibly reduce the number of financially unstable families who depend on our government for support. There are many families depending on our government because the parents felt that abortion was not an option. If people were to look closer at the positive side of abortion, we may see those numbers decrease. In the article based on moral abortion, the author uses different scenarios to express his viewpoints upon why he believes that abortion is a moral choice. By using scenarios, the author places his readers in real life situations in which a choice has to be made to either
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