Abortion Is Morally Wrong Or Not? Essay

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In the past five years (2011 to 2016) there has been over 230 abortion restrictions enacted by states in the US. In 2016 alone, there has been 1,256 provisions relating to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Of these 1,256, 445 provisions attempted to restrict access to abortion services (Nas, E., Benson Gold, R., Ansari-Thomas, Z., Cappello, O., & Mohammed, L., 2016). Women’s rights as a human and as a US citizen are being violated through these restrictions. There is currently a strong disagreement in the US as to whether abortion is morally wrong or not.
Theories Behind Abortion People that believe abortion is a woman’s right call themselves pro-choice. They are typically believe that abortion is a right that should not be controlled by the government or by religious beliefs. On the other hand, people that are opposed to abortion identify themselves as pro-life. They are typically conservative and believe an individual’s life begins at conception, thus abortion is seen as an unethical murder of an innocent human being. They say abortion causes pain and suffering to the unborn person, and it is unjust to allow abortion to happen. There are many people that fall in-between the lines that believe abortion should only happen if it is absolutely necessary for the woman’s survival. Some also believe abortion should be allowed if the pregnancy is a result of incest or rape (Background of the Issue, 2016). A recent poll taken in 2015 found that only 34% of Americans

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