Abortion Is Murder

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Abortion can be one of the most sensitive issues in the world. Many people constantly debate about whether abortion should be allowed or not. Some people think that abortion is very cruel and that it should be banned forever. The people that think this believe that abortion is murder and is like killing a human being. Others feel that it’s not wrong because they feel its not murder until the child is born. I think it depends on which stage the baby is in to be consider a murder case. The earliest stage then I believe that it should not be labeled as murder. The latest stage when it is a larger fetus then that is most definitely murder. First and foremost, abortion can be a very good thing. For example, if a women can die or suffer a major injury from the baby than abortion is the best option. I think it should be a woman’s decision at all cost when deciding on abortion. The mother of the baby is going to be carrying the fetus by herself so it depends on the mothers conditions to resolve the abortion situation. Some mothers going through abortions are not fit enough to become a …show more content…

A fetus in the early small fetus stage doesn't have a consciousness and is not even considered a human being at this time. The small fetus like the first 10-12 weeks don't even respond like a human does yet. As so a later life stage I think that it should be considered as murder. I believe it is a crime to have an abortion a week before your delivery. I could only image a baby being killed with it’s full body, hands, feet, eyes, and etc. For example, thats like a random person killing a normal age human being. Many people that think it is not cruel wants abortion to stay legal. They feel if the mother has decided she doesn’t won't her baby then so be it. Some people that think it’s cruel believe a fetus is a human being soon as a mother is pregnant. They think it’s murder and a crime to kill a baby at any life

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