Abortion Mental Health Issues

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Coleman Priscilla K. et al. ‘‘Induced abortion and anxiety, mood, and substance abuse disorders, Isolating’’. Journal of Psychiatric Research (2008), doi:10.1016/j.jpsychires.2008.10.009
The particular article is against abortion and tries to link abortion and some of the disorders including various anxieties like panic attacks, panic disorder, agoraphobia and PTSD. The article also links abortion to mood disorders like bipolar, major depression and mania. On the other hand, the article is important for review because it suggests that abortion can be linked to substance abuse disorders like alcohol and drug abuse as well as dependence. Using national survey reports, the article suggests that evidence confirm the relationship between abortion …show more content…

The entire article is devoted to evaluation the existing relationship between induced abortion and the mental health of the women. In essence, the article addresses two issues; the risks of abortion in comparison to the risks of considering the alternatives and sources of the different response from the women after abortion. In return, the article seeks to reflect the American Psychology Association Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion of 2008. The article reflects on these empirical evidences and suggests that they are not accurate and do not explore the real courses behind mental health and abortion. Therefore, it is an important source to review because it suggests that the mental health risks among women who have legal, single and first-trimester abortion of the unwanted pregnancies is less greater or intense that those of the women who deliver the unwanted pregnancies. In this case, the article reports that there is no evidence linking abortion to mental health problems and that most of the women who terminate their pregnancies barely experience mental problems but some to experience implying that the mental health problem is associated with pre-existing conditions of the abortion. In this case, the information presented in the article suggests the importance of understanding the varied abortion experiences …show more content…

The authors argue that stigmatization discredits the individuals who associate themselves with abortion. The importance of this article stems from the fact that the topic, abortion stigmatization has never received much attention and as such, has been under-researched as well as under-theorized and that the few studies that exist focus on the women who have engaged in abortion. In this regard, the article describes the groups facing abortion stigma including the women who abort, the people working for the facilities providing abortion services and proponents of the women who abort including family, partners, friends including the advocates and researchers of abortion. The article goes further to discuss the various reasons for abortion stigma including legal restrictions, the notion that abortion is unhealthy and dirty, use of stigma for the anti-abortion efforts and that abortion violates a woman ideals of motherhood and sexuality. Therefore, the article is a good choose since it explains that a better understanding of the abortion stigma will help in establishing strategies for reducing the problem and this has positive implications for the accessibility to better healthcare for the women who have been

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