Abortion Should Be Banned From Our Society Essay

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Abortion can be termed as the deliberate termination of pregnancy which does not result to the birth of a child. There has been heated debate regarding the support for and against abortion which leads to legalization or illegalization of the act. Communities and societies have not supported the issue of abortion since the start of time. Abortion should be banned from our society. Abortion has been one of the most controversial issues in the United States since its legalization in the 70’s. The topic has elicited debate among different government institutions and among different right activists as well as different private organized groups that advocating for life – ‘The Pro-lifers’. With civilized societies rating abortion as a serious offence as it involves the loss of human life, it is so unfortunate that scientists have not been able to define definitely when life begins. Controversies emerged when groups terming themselves as pro-choice stress that woman have the right to choose to continue or terminate a pregnancy as they would choose not to endure the stresses of giving birth to unwanted children. However, pro-lifers support the lives of human persons terming them as sacred and that life begins at conception. The above controversies have been among top most issues that have led to different policies introduction by the US government.
The act of abortion puts a mother life in danger and can result to dire consequences such as death and other medical complications.

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