Essay about Abortion Should Be Illegal

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As a young petrified woman sits in the delicate comforting oversized chairs at the deathly abortion clinic, her foot taps anxiously out of control as her heart pumps the blood rapidly through her veins. The energized brain in haste flashes with all of the complications that may happen during this abortion process. As her eyes dart back and forth looking all around the bland room as if everything is standing still, she worries about the abortion which will be taking place any single moment,. This young woman has a major abundance of stress and choices to formulate about her unspoken significant baby before going through with the life changing abortion. An abortion as defined in Merrian Webster’s bulky dictionary as the termination of a…show more content…
During an abortion procedure, the doctor will use many sharp and could resolve to use not sterilized instruments to penetrate the fetus in the result to free the baby. During this time the doctor could puncture organs, making the woman have serious problems resulting with issues within her whole body. If the doctor does puncture other organs instead of the fetus, complications can be major. “Some of these complications can be immediately spotted, such as a puncture to the uterus or other organs, convulsions, or cardiac arrest. Other complications reveal themselves within a few days, such as a slow hemorrhage, pulmonary embolisms, infection, and fever. Still other complications are long-term in nature, usually the result of damage to the reproductive system, and may result in chronic infection, an inability to carry a subsequent pregnancy to term, or sterility” (Cozic and Tipp, 195). If the sharp instruments do not perforate the organs it could still scrape or pierce the outer layer of the organs, causing bleeding and infection inside the woman (Marcovitz, 85). Other than the infections that can result due to the scraping and puncturing during the abortion, the doctor could even leave limbs or other body parts of the growing baby inside of the woman. “Another risk of D&E is that tiny parts of fetal bones may be left behind in the uterus, also potentially causing tears or infections” (Marcovitz, 85). There are many frightening

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