Abortion Should Not Be Legalized

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Many women in the world consider doing abortion, and this has been huge on-going controversial issues for a long time. The women in country X want to abort because they do not want their daughters to live restricted just like them, but it cannot be justified. Abortion should not be legalized because the woman’s body is not her own property that she has no right to control over the fetus, and it kills the innocent.

According to Judith Thomson, abortion is permissible because women “are granting the fetus a right to life” (Thomson, 57). Even if a mom had contraception to avoid becoming pregnant, but had a baby by her mistake, she has the right to decide whether to carry her baby or not because it is inside her body. For example, the women …show more content…

However, in my opinion, Thomson is wrong to state that women have right to control over fetus because biologically, fetus is not part of women’s body. The fetus and the woman must be seen as separate entities because they are genetically different and the fetus possesses different endocrine and nervous systems. The fetus is living inside the woman’s body but the fetus does not really mean that it becomes part of the property of the woman merely because of proximity. Physiologically, the womb of the woman is a cavity where the fetus is being carried, and the womb is there for the fetus use only. It is like a shelter where only fetus can be inside, and it indicates that the womb is the fetus’ property. For example, a car parked inside a garage is not part of a garage. If the car is a property of the garage, the car cannot go outside the garage whatsoever. Fetus is not part of woman’s body in which she is carried, and the fetus may leave in due time. We should not be discriminating against others because of their place of residence.

Moreover, abortion is killing the innocent unilaterally. The woman is always favorable over the fetus in terms of physical power, and it represents that the fetus is always subject to that sort of physical control. The fetus is weak and cannot express feelings nor speak out loud, but it has

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