About the Key Players in Dennis Carter-Edwards’ article The War of 1812 Along the Detroit Frontier: A Canadian Perspective

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Dennis Carter-Edwards’ article The War of 1812 Along the Detroit Frontier: A Canadian Perspective covers the theme of local history during the 19th century in Detroit. In particular, Carter-Edwards explores the Canadian perspective of the war of 1812 in the Windsor-Detroit region. The author examines three big categories; the measures that the British took to defended the area, the factors that influenced British decisions, and the power players that played a role on the outcome of the war. The article is an in-depth account of the events and people that were key players in the war, especially in the Canadian context. To begin, Dennis Carter –Edwards is a historian and works for the Ontario Service Center (Parks Canada); thus this…show more content…
On the other hand, Carter-Edwards does have a very detailed account of the war of 1812, and it is a great, useful Canadian source. At the beginning of the text he provides a lot of context before exploring his arguments. Unfortunately, at other parts of the article, he was lacking context. For example, when he is introducing the reader to Prevost’s enemy, Major General Sir Isaac Brock he claims, “Brock was encouraged by what he found (in Upper Canada) and saw the benefits of providing some tactical support on the perimeter.” In this statement, Carter-Edwards leaves the reader wondering what elements, what things encouraged him to stay in province. In this case, he failed at providing context, and fully developing his statement. In my opinion, one aspect that could have been beneficial for his readers would have been to include maps. Carter-Edwards mentions many forts such as Fort Meigs and Fort Stephenson, as well as the “road between Sandwich and Fort Amherstburg,” and also mentions places such as Maumee and Sandusky. Although, being from Windsor, I recognized certain names, I did not know them all. I believe that a map that included all the locations and forts that he mentions would be a great visual to the article; because, the reader would be able to follow along better. As well, another feature that would have beneficial to the article would have been the civilian’s voices. He mentions repeatedly that the residence along the riverfront
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