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A universal resource locator, includes the protocol (ex. HTTP, FTP), the domain name (or IP address), and additional path information (folder/file). On the Web, a URL may address a Web page file, image file, or any other file supported by the HTTP protocol.

URLs are often important to marketers in that they are part of the phrase “Add URL”, the process of submitting a site or page to another site, usually a search engine or directory.

An example URL:


What is “above the fold”

The “above the fold,” of your landing page is whatever customers can see without scrolling down. Scrolling down might seem like a trivial inconvenience, but, well, conventional reason dictates that …show more content…

“Expert, Innovative and Strategic”- it is not enough to just say how great you are, you have got to prove it. If your business has truly been a strategic, innovative expert in its field, it will show through its work.

The Anchor Texts

An Anchor Text is defined as the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. Anchor text usually gives the user relevant descriptive or contextual information about the content of the link’s destination. The following tips are useful for creating the right anchor texts

-Paying attention to the anchor text from your inbound links will help you detect if your inbound marketing efforts align with the way folks perceive you. Inbound marketing software, like Hubspot offers, is an easy way to help you analyze all your inbound links and anchor text in one place.

-More than likely the anchor text of your inbound links will be pretty predictable. It’ll be a keyword or keyword phrase you’re optimizing for, or something similar, or maybe it’ll be the name of your company or your website url.

-If the keywords you’re optimizing your site for match up with the anchor text of your inbound links, you can be assured that your

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