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In the opening chapters of Web Analytics 2.0, Kaushik dives into the new practices and purposes of web analytics and the basics of clickstream success. Likewise, in Google Analytics the authors introduce the subject of Google Analytics as a free web analytic tool; they describe what it is, and how to use it. Web Analytics is a procedure in which web data is collected, measured, analyzed, and reported. It is used by organizations to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis on the website of itself and its’ competitors (Ledford, Tyler & Teixeira, 2010). This is done to develop the efforts and outcomes of the online experience that both current and prospective customers will have (Kaushik, 2012). Web analytics can be performed for …show more content…

Search engines build their search results database through search robots. The robots generate both organic and sponsored results. To improve the organic results on an organization’s website, the organization itself must make a website that uses the right key words that draw the attention of the proper consumers to the website and avoids java-scripts because robots do not read these links (Kaushik, 2012).
A huge part in monitoring a web page’s success is looking at the amount of views it has and how much attention it is getting from customers. Visits can be recorded in two different forms: visits and unique visitors. Visits record the amount of times a patron spent on your site and the fact that they were there. This is also referred to as a session, which is defined as lasting from the first request to the last request. The visit and visitors metric play a major part in search reports, exit pages, bounce rates, and conversion rates, among others. This differs from the unique visitors measure, which documents the approximate number of people who came to the website. It is warned by Kaushik, however, that unique visitor data can be influenced by browsers that don’t accept cookies and to not think of it as a “perfect measure” (Kaushik, 2012).
When it comes to web analytics it is hard to meet benchmarks if goals have not been set by the organization. There are thousands of metrics and measurements, and the data may prevent the

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