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SEO Quiz Directions: You will have 30 minutes to complete the following quiz. If you cannot address every question in the allotted time, please do not let it discourage you. Answer the questions you can; we simply want a better idea of how you strategically apply SEO principals. Once completed, please email the final document to Christine Highland. 1. In your opinion, what on-page elements have the greatest influence over SEO performance? On-page performance is primarily affected by two elements: readable pagetext and meta information. Pagetext includes primarily the product description (body and designated and s) and alternate descriptions, but really refers to any text lying outside of the section of the HTML, more or less. This…show more content…
Other factors in SEO performance (on-page, at least) might include: sensible internal linking, Open Graph specs for pages prone to social sharing, and technical optimization – ensuring that pages that shouldn’t be parsed by crawlers are marked “noindex”, for instance. 2. How does measure up when you look at these elements? What recommendations if any would you make to this company regarding their on-site optimization? Fairly well when evaluated by category description 3. Please recommend 3 off-site strategies for Douglas Quikut and briefly explain the reasoning behind your selections. On-page-wise I have little to criticize them for, but off-page things start to look a lot bleaker. 1) While the content present is very well-written, it’s almost strictly commercial. Not a cardinal sin on its own, but not likely to generate a diverse link profile or, really, a lot of external enthusiasm. An attempt at creating valuable content seems to have made in the form of the articles in the left menu but they’re very few and they’re underdeveloped. 2) If you have to be strictly commercial, inbound links are more likely to result from centering attention on a particular product (or small category) that offers a unique advantage over others in the vertical. Products few other retailers sell, or that Quikut can be said to be an expert on, or where there’s a specific price advantage. This seems to be represented by either this “Best Value Cutlery
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