Synopsis Of A Seo Quiz

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SEO Quiz

Directions: You will have 30 minutes to complete the following quiz. If you cannot address every question in the allotted time, please do not let it discourage you. Answer the questions you can; we simply want a better idea of how you strategically apply SEO principals. Once completed, please email the final document to Christine Highland.

1. In your opinion, what on-page elements have the greatest influence over SEO performance?
On-page performance is primarily affected by two elements: readable pagetext and meta information. Pagetext includes primarily the product description (body and designated and s) and alternate descriptions, but really refers to any text lying outside of the section of the HTML, more or less. This can include categories (which operate as a form of anchor text), the footer, the header, the site tools: anything that displays. Pagetext influences the SERPs that a given page may appear in – basically, what kind of searches it’s relevant for. Product descriptions should be written with heavy consideration to the actual search patterns of the industry: avoiding competition by choosing less saturated phrases in your copy (if your PageRank is on the low end), or, if your PageRank is high, targeting SERPs visible to high volumes of searchers, as deemed by the Google Keyword Planner tool or similar third party utilities.

Meta information is slightly factored into the above, but is arguably more important in impacting the CTR of a result on a…
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