Abracadabra Essay

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Abracadabra. abracadabra is a word that very familiar through the movies that related with magic. This word carries out two meanings which can be search in dictionary. Merriam webster defines this words in two meanings. The first definition; abracadabra means a magical charm or incantation and the second definition is unintelligible language. However, dictionary of word origin from oxford defines it differently. They stated that the usage of abracadabra before was not just for fun like how it is been using now. Back then, abracadabra is a serous magic spell as it is believed can prevent someone from fever and can used as an amulet to carry on the neck. Hearing someone saying abracadabra with a wond in his or her hands is so common until they …show more content…

None of our ancestors could name this disease in our own language, nor did they feel the need to. On a piece of parchment, write the so-called ‘abracadabra’ several times, repeating it on the line below; but take off the end, so that gradually individual letters, which you will take away each time, are missing from the word. Continue until the (last) letter makes the apex of cone. Remember to wind this with linen and hang it around the neck. Many people say that the lard of a lion is effective...” Tehre is no valid proof that Sammonicus is the first one to use because there is couples of thories have been made about the origin of abracadabra. Firstly, abracadabra might have been come from the greek words which is ‘abraxas’- which they thought this word have its magical spirit and they changed it later to “abrcadabra” means cure. It also can be derived from another language such as Aramaic which maybe fans of Harry Potter will ultimately know this phrase once they heard it. “avra kedavra” means let thing be destroyed as stated by J.K Rowling is a very famous line in Harry Potter that have been used in it numerous times and it really suits the theory very well which also carry the same meaning as

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