Abraham Lincoln Alpha

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An alpha is the leader of the pack of wolves and has all of the qualities of being a great leader. Abraham Lincoln would be a great comparison as in an alpha in a pack of generals and candidates. Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States, a political lawyer and would become a memorable man for being an “honest” man. He has grown on a farm, in poverty, to being raised to being one of the greatest politicians there is. Although he was self-educated, he went on to study on his free time and became a lawyer, even though he never went to college for his career. From that point on, he was a respectful and successful attorney, that would help as he would become president in 1860. Lincoln knows how to take control, has integrity, has…show more content…
For Lincoln, this nearly an obsession as people he worked with would see him “always calculating and planning ahead” and “was a little engine that knew no rest”(Phillips 108). This completely shows how Lincoln was a set leader, as he would prepare himself for the worst and when simple things go wrong. All of which shows how Lincoln was the leader for the 1800’s, and still is seen as an icon for many, still to this day. As the people he worked with had felt empowered, they saw it from him “demonstrating a sense of urgency toward attainment” towards his goals(Phillips 112). As Lincoln believes that “leadership requires aggressive individuals and those who accept a take charge role”(Phillips 109). As he “was a tireless worker and a public speaker and had fit the mold of reliable and tirelessly persistent”(Legal). He was always at the ready and would be a major icon, as he knew that goals should be achieved no matter what. He was a full supporter of other policies when he was president, such as the Homestead Act, which “allowed poor people in the East to obtain land in the…show more content…
Abraham Lincoln was known as one of those men as he had written his own speeches and and would edit them often. He also had the voice for it as his voice was loud even that the majority of the audience could hear him. As later on in his life, when he was running for president, “on February 27, 1860, Lincoln gave what was perhaps the most important speech of his political career” and would become the icon for having amazing speeches(Phillips 147). This would seem as if he had a gift for public speaking, and this was the case, as from being a boy who wanted to be a lawyer to becoming the 16th president of the United States. All of which from having the ability of great public speaking, an excellent characteristic of
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