Abraham Lincoln : Is He Really A Good President?

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Abraham Lincoln: Is He Really A Good President? By the end of the Civil War, there were more than 620,000 casualties. Many believe this was thanks to Abraham Lincoln. About a month after he was elected president, many controversies started to stir in America, thus causing the Civil War began. From the mouth-dropping moment Abraham Lincoln was elected, he had been fighting for equality for all men, no matter the race. He believed. “those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” When he was elected president, many people, including about all of the southern states, where against Abraham Lincoln. They claimed that he was the reason why all those deaths occur, and that he was racist, along with taking away liberties and abusing his power. Critics say that Abraham Lincoln was one of the worst presidents because he was the cause of the Civil War. However, After the election, a few southern states started to secede, Therefore causing the civil war. According to Debate.org, “Lincoln was an honest man clearly shown by his characteristic as a lawyer who refused to take on cases that would cause him to lie. Of modest origins he became the President and from thereon he was a great commander-in-chief and suceded where president Davis had failed. With his vision and leadership the union came out of the war victorious and the slaves freed.” So as you can see, he was a great leader in the times of need for his country, and he ended the war. Next, quoted by debate.org, one
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