Abraham Lincoln's Accomplishments During his Presidency Essays

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Today our nations built upon equality and the idea that every man is created equal. Abe Lincoln helped establish equality and the mindset that comes with these beliefs were introduced to early americans from Abraham Lincoln. He helped abolish slavery and introduce a new era and shape america how it is today. Not only is he one of the most prominent leaders of the Civil War but an early influence and catalyst on the later Civil Rights Movement.
Abe Lincoln accomplished many things during the civil war. Abe Lincoln was a great leader and president. He ended slavery in the U.S. during his time period. During the year 1860, slavery was one of the biggest problems in america. Abe Lincoln, president at the time, was against slavery. During the …show more content…

If the U.S. had split apart after the civil war the world would be a lot different to this day. The emancipation helped the northern states. After the emancipation proclamation was passed the slaves were still being discriminated. A famous quote from abe Lincoln was “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves”, this quote means that abe believed everyone should be treated equal and if those who did not should not have freedom for themselves(Goodreads). Lincoln believed in equality and thats all he wanted for america, is to have equality throughout the whole country.
Abraham Lincoln influenced america and other historical figures. Martin Luther King Jr. and Lincoln were one of the most prominent leaders when it came to slavery. He showed courage to stand up for what’s right and fight against for what’s wrong. Without Abe Lincoln we would not be in the position and success we have in the modern world (smithsonian). Abe Lincoln was a “Progressive man”, he made strides to free the slaves and to abolish slavery(smithsonian1). He was one of the most known and recognized leaders in american history.
The end of Abraham Lincoln was not the end of his ideas. His public speaking and ideas will forever be imprinted in the history books and minds of all that he has influenced. His preachings moved a nation in a new direction. Maybe not fully developed in the idea of equality yet but with more rights movement going on in our

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