Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address Essay

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Lastly, the impact of these speeches from the establishment of war which differs to the support of Germany’s leader. While in Abraham's oratory it led to each side of the nation thinking he was to one sided in belief and helped pushed on the idea of the civil war even thought that was the opposite of Lincoln's intentions. Peterson exclaims how the audience remained silent through speech with apprehension and that the speech made Northern radicals see him as too conciliatory and the southern sympathizers see him as too firm ( Lincoln, Lincoln Delivers His First Inaugural Address, 512). Varhola explained that even after the election and speech given, the “seceding states remained recalcitrant, seizing Federal forts and arsenals in the South,…show more content…
The United States was separated by culture and opinions, while in Germany, during this era, there was persecutions and the idea of war. Next, Abraham Lincoln held a calm tone throughout his speech, whereas Adolf Hitler carried a commanding tone. Also, the two speakers contrasted in their own personal agendas for having the speech. For example, Lincoln hoped to unite the public and create a rationally thinking public whereas Hitler wanted the opposite by justifying his actions and having his listeners join his cause mindlessly. Within the first speech, there is a personification and rhetorical questions to represent unity with the country and to get the audience to rethink their views; While in the second oratory, there is repetition of personal pronouns to show own importance and denouncing words to bring down his opposers. The 19th century speech, led to the disregard of national power and the start of war unlike the 20th century whose impact created a unity behind his cause and a dispute on if Hitler held too much influence. These speeches occur in momentous times in the world; they show what a true honest leader should be from how he talks and acts. This should be applied to our modern regime to see if
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