Absence In Small Business

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How to Manage Employee Absence in Small Business? Repeated absence affects the productivity and efficiency of an organization, especially if it is a small business. It is important to know and discuss with an employee to fix the absence problems. Here are some of the important ways on how to manage the employees to avoid their absence in small business. 1. Understand the Cause of Absence It is important to know that if the employee is absent for 2-3 days or weeks. If the absence is more than 2 weeks then it is the matter of concern and the staff has to pay attention. You can discuss with the employee the reason for his absence or irregularity. If he is medically unfit then depending on his or her performance you can consider his leaves or hire other employees. If he plays a major role in generating revenue for your small business then you can assign his or her work to other employees till he returns. This will help in maintaining the positive business relations and at the same time, you can manage the deadlines. 2. Meeting with the Employee Meetings with employees can provide the solution to problems. You can discuss with the employee whether he will return to work or not, a specific date he will return and join the duties. In fact, you can ask him to work from home if possible. This will provide him the flexibility to work and the working of the business will also be not affected by the absenteeism. You can also discuss with him if he will be able to provide alternative
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