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Why an organisation needs to collect HR data Legislation and Compliance – The company needs to collect data from our employees to ensure we comply with legislation and our industry requirements, for example a copy of an employee’s passport or visa to show right to work, evidence of a Doctor’s registration status. We also collect data pertaining to equality and diversity… Support company strategy - Different types of data and how they support HR practice * Absence – The company needs to collect data on employee’s absence including annual leave and sickness. By keeping track of absence we can get an idea of any trends within the organisation. * Are there repeat offenders? * What are the most common reasons for…show more content…
Legislation surrounding HR data The Data Protection Act 1998 is a piece of legislation that controls how an individual’s personal information is used by organisations, businesses and the government. This Act ensures that HR departments only collect data from individuals is covered by what we are allowed to collect under the Act, relevant and not excessive, we must also be sure that data is not stored for longer than necessary. We must ensure that data is stored securely and confidentially; and that we are open about the reasons why we are collecting and storing the data. The Freedom of information Act 2000 gives people the right to access recorded information for public sector organisations. The Act determines that it would be reasonable for the company to disclose policies surrounding HRM and certain types of data such as numbers of employees, diversity information, the pay of some employees (very senior staff), pay bands and details of expenses. Some personal information may be released providing it does not breach data protection laws Activity 2 Using your own organisation information to identify a specific area of data. Analyse the data and present your findings in a way that will assist an aspect of decision making in the area of data selected. Your analysis should be presented in a report covering: * An introduction to the HR area being investigated. * An explanation of how you analysed and
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