Abstract. The Purpose Of This Paper Is To Explore My Personal

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to explore my personal thoughts on what rules I live by in both my personal and professional life. Additionally, I will be given a corporate example of conflict and give a proposal on how to handle that conflict according to the rules given by Carl Sagan. Are the rules we live by the rules we live by utilized in our professional life? It is important to know that each person has their own set of beliefs and to understand where these beliefs and behaviors come from. Through careful thought and consideration I will stick to the golden rule, but explore situations where the golden rule may be easy to leave behind. The science of morality and the different perspectives given in my current learning …show more content…

It is not always easy to follow this rule and it can at times feel like you are the only one following the golden rule. I find it pretty easy to follow the golden rule in my personal life. I have a great circle of family and friends. However, it can be harder to stick to your personal beliefs and rules when being in the corporate world. I am a human resource professional, so I am in constant contact with employees and truly strive to do the right thing for those employees. Following the golden rule works very well in this profession. However, sometimes you have disgruntled employees that don’t always treat you as they would want to be treated. I continuously tell myself not to take these situations personally. Employee’s attitudes are usually due to some sort of conflict. In the retail environment that I work in, the conflict is usually around change. However, the employee can also be dealing with personal conflict such as sickness, personal tragedy, or financial issues. The golden rule can also be understood as empathy (Tullberg, 2015). So, through experience, I have learned that following the golden rule works and have had employees come back to me and apologize for their behavior and thank me for understanding their situation. Although this doesn’t always happen, it does confirm that following the golden rule truly does work. When faced with a huge ethical dilemma as given in the Red Corp and Blue Corp scenario it can be hard to take the moral high

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