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This paper is meant to provide an overview of what a developmental psychologist is and what preparation is needed for obtaining a professional position within this subfield of psychology. The topics covered within include a brief summary of what it takes to become a developmental psychologist, the educational requirements for certification/licensing needed for practicing psychology, and the occupational outlook for the field over the next few years. Additionally, some of the positions, duties, and work environments are discussed as well as a brief examination of the reasons why this field and developmental psychologists are so crucial to the overall wellbeing of the human race. The field of Developmental Psychology is a very …show more content…

The variety of positions is mostly due to the fact that Developmental Psychology is concerned with every possible phase or evolution that may occur on any level throughout the lifespan. Most individuals who choose this field will typically focus on one particular phase or level of development (ex. age, specific topics such as the progression of a specific neurological disorder, etc.) (APA, 2017). There are not too many professional positions available for those with an undergraduate degree. An individual who possesses an undergraduate level of education may find career opportunities working in research or as an assistant to another licensed practicing psychologist (APA, 2017). However, in order to be able to legally refer to one’s self as a psychologist or to work under that moniker the individual must obtain at the minimum a graduate or doctoral level of education (, 2017) as well as specific certification or licensing, if necessary for specialty fields, as required by the law of the region that the individual intends to practice in (APA, 2017). For example, an individual who wants to open their own practice to provide treatment and therapeutic assistance to children with Autism and their families should expect to be required to possess a doctoral level of education that is

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