The Stranger By Albert Camus Essay

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he novel The Stranger written by The French author Albert Camus was published in 1942. The author wrote about what he felt and his views on the world and society. He had very unconventional ideas about morality and believed that life has no rational meaning. These ideas and thoughts are what make this book absurd and very eccentric. Camus' philosophy led to what was later known as Absurdism. Absurdism is the need to look for a meaning to life and their inability to find one In the beginning of the book the main character who's name is Meursault is asking his boss for time off to attend his mother's funeral. In the first line he says “maman died today”. Meursault sees that the coffin has already been sealed. Meursault meets with the caretaker of his mother rushes in and offers to open the casket, but Meursault tells him not to bother. The next morning, the day of the funeral, Meursault again meets with the director of the old persons’ home. The director asks Meursault if he wants to see his mother one last time before the coffin is sealed permanently, but Meursault declines. Instead of grieving at the news of his mother’s death, he is cold. It's a little absurd and weird meursault has i interest in the death of his mother but rather he worries about borrowing appropriate funeral clothing from a friend, and is interested in the caretaker’s anecdote about the length of avigil depends on how long it takes before the body begins to decompose. Meursault takes off

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