Abuse Of Household Codes In The Bible

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Household codes are a list of responsibilities for each member of the household. They first appeared in the Colossians chapters 3:18 to 4:1. It is believed that early Christian writers used works from Aristotle and Stoic sources as influences in their writings. In Aristotle’s work, Politics, he discusses the idea that males should be lead over females in order to keep a properly functioning home and a properly working state. In Stoic sources listing household codes, the subordinate member is listed before the dominate member of the household and a command is listed before the reason for obedience. The household codes recorded in Ephesians have been misused, in some edits of the Bible Ephesians 5:21, “Be subject to one another out of reverence for Christ.” has not been printed. Therefore, the message is taken and changed into something that was not intended. Another reason for abuse of the household codes is the fact that in some versions of the Bible, “be subject” is not written in chapter 5:22. The Greek translation for “head” can mean “origin” rather than always meaning “leader” or referring to …show more content…

The man of the family could acknowledge, kill or disown a child or anyone in the house. Peter and Paul wrote these household codes in order to say that this is not how God intended for them to live. They write that members in the family should respect each other. Peter and Paul want Christians to treat each other as they would treat God in order to live a better life and fulfill what God wants for them. It is meant to tell them to reject to pagan beliefs and the Hellenistic ways of living. Because they were so different from the way the Romans had lived their lives, they received severe religious persecution for their

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