Abuse That Never Goes Away

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There are many people who are abused when they are children but we don’t think about how this affects the abused when they are adults. Abuse comes in many forms; physical, verbal, and emotional. Abuse can scar a person mentally and emotionally for the rest of their life. People that have been abused often have to resort to therapy to deal with the demons of their past. How does this mentally affect people who were abused as children? People who were abused often feel anger; their anger can often be projected towards others. They can easily be angered. “I was beaten for no reason,” he says. ‘I’ve had anger issues ever since.” Helling 80 quotes one man. When children are abused, they can’t fright their abusers back so there is no release for them and their anger and frustration builds and ferments inside. They are even further tormented in their own heads, nightly reminded of the pain in their dreams. “In their nightmares, the men all dream about the same place: a blood-smeared cot in a dank concrete building at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys.” Helling 80. The reminders follow the boys into adulthood, causing the anger to burn in them all the time. Many of them become the abuser. Growing up without a release and the constant reminder of helplessness and the rage it causes, the men to want to hurt others like they were hurt. If you were raised in an abusive way and never shown any different type of emotion, it would be hard to understand anything different. Thus you

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