Academic Achievement And Functional Performance

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As I have reviewed the information about Ana, it can be understood that she has areas of weaknesses and strengths, and often does not want to attend school for various reasons. It is through the presentation and implementation of the Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance that measurable goals, and other helpful skills can be identified and carried out to help better her educational journey.
From the area of classroom teacher input, of the case study information, some of Ana’s strengths are being able to write complete sentences, being able to independently a read a seventh grade text with a comprehension of 80%, and reading 40WPM correctly at grade level.
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While many know that home is the foundation and can be helpful to the educational process, Ana doesn’t come from a strong home. She has limited contact with her father, and her mother became pregnant while in high school, and aside from graduating from high school she had to obtain her GED. Now, her mother is working full-time to support her and her daughter. While mom has to provide, if there is no one to be there with Ana after school hours this can be dangerous because there is no one to push her to complete any school work, to study, or to do other necessary things to be academically successful.
However, as I read closely, I inferred that there were others inside Ana’s family, besides her mother, whom were not successful in their educational journey due to the statement from the background information within the case as it states, “Her mother wants Ana to finish school, as he wants her to be different from other family members.” To some, that can be a clear indication that at this point in Ana’s educational journey her mother has started to notice of the her past traits, as well as other family members actions that lead them to obtaining a GED or possibly even dropping out.
However, from the reading, it appears that she a great connection with her teachers, and maybe with the help of her teacher, and a guidance counselor, along with other perspective individuals, they can pair her with a peer-buddy. Someone who will sit with her at

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