Acai Bowl Research Paper

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As its popularity rapidly spreads beyond Southern California and Hawaii, acai bowls are exponentially gaining nationwide recognition as one of the top superfoods of our time. They are made up of components that are carefully selected to create a bowl of frosty, fruity heaven. For the foundation, frozen acai berries are blended to a consistency- similar to that of a smoothie- that is perfect for spooning. Just on top, the hearty granola adds the perfect crunch to the antioxidant filled acai base. The icing on the cake- the sliced strawberries, bananas, plump blueberries, and drizzle of honey- is the finishing touch that completes the acai bowl. This is not just any combination. The colorful assorted berries with the acai creates an aesthetically pleasing breakfast or snack for anytime of day. The mixed smell of the cocoa berry and aromatic honey granola construct a bowl like no other. One spoonful automatically transfers the eater to a tropical paradise; the burst of the sweet yet tart flavor will make it hard to resist another serving. …show more content…

Smoothie stores and juicers are popping up all over the country, supplying the demand for acai bowls in numerous places. Not only are the acai bowls are acquiring an immensely solid reputation, but they are also showing up on multiple forms of social media. Specifically, acai bowls have been starring in the photos of various Instagram accounts. Often tagged with hashtags such as #acaibowl, #food, #foodgasm, #foodporn, or #healthy, a photo of an acai bowl is no longer hard to come across. The simultaneous emergence of the growing Instagram usage and the trend to post an “artsy food pic” has made the acai bowl a generic and now ordinary food. Athletic foodies, teenage girls, the first-timer, and food lovers now all have something in common- the usual acai bowl

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