Accidental Inventions

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“Accidental” discoveries are inventions that were discovered through no intention of discovery. From the good to the bad these types of inventions have changed our lives forever. These types of things are both things we use everyday, down to food people eat everyday.
Food is a necessity to live, but what will surprise you is that some of the food people today were all “accidental” discoveries. Saccharin is an artificial sweetener people use to sweeten their food. This was discovered in 1879 when Constantin Fahlberg was trying to find alternative use for coal tar and forgot to wash his hands after work. The potato chip was invented by fed-up chef George Crum who to teach an annoy customer a lesson sliced the potatoes thin, fried them and put salt on them, which to his surprise the customer liked. When Coca Cola was discovered by pharmacist John Pemberton, it was meant to be a medication, however as things would work out it is now a common soft drink that will work out for any party. In an attempt to make his own soda pop 11-year-old Frank Epperson combined powder and water stuck a stick in it and left it on the porch overnight and found it the next morning still stuck to the stick. With a combination of a neighboring waffle stall and an ice cream shall the cone was discovered. Will Kellogg accidently left bread dough out for several hours and discovered it flaky, so he baked it and discovered Cornflakes.
Asides from food things such as Smart Dust where discovered by mistake

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