Accounting And Finance Represents Two Different Views

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Accounting and Finance represents two different views. Accounting is the foundation of all business, it can be shared into two methods financial and managerial. (Hicks & Hicks, pg. 3) On the other hand, Finance is the discipline that revolves around the allocation of money. (Hicks & Hicks, pg. 27) Both these approaches have entirely different connotations and are focused on financial statement , assets, liability, business entities, and additional concepts such as depreciation, units of production and cash flow. These theories appear to be manmade, however, the Bible tell us that “The earth is the LORD 'S, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it." (Ps 24:1) With that in mind, leads one to believe that while everything one possesses, have knowledge or understands is God’s and that includes concepts of Accounting and Finance.
Both these concepts have taken root since the beginning of time, in (Genesis 1 28-30 & Genesis 2:15) God tells man to be fruitful and increase, subdue it and then he says to take care and watch over it. These words speak directly to dealing with transaction and the art of managing ones accounts. The Bible has other references about lending and incurring interest (Exodus 22:25). Interest in accounting refers to a cost of debt that occurred during a specific time (Interest, 2015), while the Bible did not condone interest to a bretheren it did; however, say it was okay to charge a foreigner.
As mentioned earlier accounting

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