Accounting Information System Failures

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Accounting information system failures
Factors contributing to the failure
Whaley Foodservice Repairs hired Epicor to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The deal was signed in 2006, but after two, years the project never materialized. Whaley finally sued Epicor for compensation of the cost they had incurred in trying to implement the software ADDIN EN.CITE Kanaracus2011387(Kanaracus, 2011)38738712Chris KanaracusEpicor sued over alleged ERP project failure2011Framingham, MAComputerworld Inc HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "Kanaracus, 2011 #387" Kanaracus, 2011). The main factors that led to the failure of this project were underestimation of the implementation timelines, underestimation of costs, business processes were not clearly defined, lack of organizational change management, and high turnover of employees assigned to the project.
Underestimation of implementation timeline made the company believe that they would have a full working system within the specified timeline ADDIN EN.CITE Chen2009389(Chen, Law, & Yang, 2009)38938917Chen, Charlie C.Law, Chuck C. H.Yang, Samuel C.Managing ERP Implementation Failure: A Project Management PerspectiveIEEE Transactions on Engineering ManagementIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management157-170561ENTERPRISE resource planningINDUSTRIAL managementINFORMATION technology projectsBUSINESS
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