Accredited Online Business Degree Programs

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Accredited Online Business Degree Programs in Alabama Hiring competent workers with accredited online business degrees in Alabama is a big part of the state's campaign to make competitive employment available for its residents. Alabama is actively encouraging small business start-ups to apply for federal grants for business expansion, especially in high tech areas. Businesses of every size are also on the forefront through the Alabama Department of Commerce's "Made in Alabama" program which highlights industry and businesses that take Alabama's products and resources nationwide. Burgeoning industries on the cutting edge in the Cotton State include: Aerospace, automotive, agribusiness, bio-science, metals and logistics/transport industries. As a result, it's never been a better time to pursue accredited online business degrees in Alabama. University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa College of Continuing Studies - Bama by Distance Since 1831, the University of Alabama has been the state's flagship institution of higher learning. That legacy carries on with UA's Distance Education programs, offering today's students flexible, economical formats to earn degrees in chosen fields. Three of UA's top distance learning programs are in business. Interested students can earn Bachelor's or Master's degrees in three different business specialty areas. These degrees carry the same prestige as those completed through UA's on-campus degree programs. BS in Commerce and Business Administration
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