Essay on Business Plan for a Trade School

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BUS 435
Business Plan for a Opening a Trade School

Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary 3
II. Description of the business 4
III. Marketing 5
IV. Research, design, and development 9
V. Operations segment 10
VI. Management 12
VII. Financial forcasting 14
VIII. Harvest strategy 16

I. Executive Summary This business plan is to open a door for young adults that want to learn a trade and earn their way in life. Not all high school aged students are eager to go onto a college or a university and this can be for many reasons: perhaps they are not ready to leave home; cannot afford; they are academically challenged; not sure what they want to major in; the list can go on and on. My wish for these young adults is for them to …show more content…

After obtaining the data, analyzing it and working through my reports; the next step which is just as important is the immediate follow up with each interested party. Following up on leads when they are warm is essential when the topic is fresh in memory. "After these new data are obtained, the owner/manager must know how to objectively arrange, analyze, and interpret them to draw valuable conclusions," (Kuratko & Hornsby, 2009, p 137). Also offering a survey online on our website would be another way to conduct it. This can be done without costing a bundle by getting in touch with a graphics design student and hiring him/her to set up a our website that prospective students can go to and do the survey as well as learn about our school and all it has to offer. By conducting a survey sample to a small group of potential students it enabled us to gain insight as to what areas students were interested in getting their education in and if they were open to receiving knowledge of a trade school as an option for said interest. A request to participate in the survey was emailed to 5 individuals. The survey posed four questions to these recipients, as listed below.
1) What are your plans after you graduate? A. Attend community college B. Attend a university C. Work D. Other __________________
2) What career interests you and why? ______________________
3) Are you interested in learning about our local trade school and what we offer our

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