Achilles : Achilles And The Characters Of Achilles

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Achilles was a very powerful warrior. Legends said that he was even power than the gods. Achilles had only one weakness his heel. One day Achilles was walking around, and you can see the sorrow and worries on his face. Apollo was sitting on a top of a tree looking and Achilles walking back and forth in a very unsettled way. Apollo jumped out of the tree and asked Achilles what is wrong with him. Achilles refused to tell him at the beginning but Apollo kept asking him so end up telling him. Apollo told Achilles that he does not have to worry anymore because he know a magical fruit that will turn Achilles heel invulnerable just like his body. Apollo said that the fruit is pink with a little bit of green from the outside and it’s white with black seeds from the inside. Achilles excitement went down because he have never ever heard of this fruit. Apollo told him that the magical fruit only grows in the top mountains of china. Achilles got so excited and started to run back to his home so he can pack his stuff to go to china. Athena came to him and asked him where he is going. He told her that he is going to China to get the magical fruit that Apollo told him about so his heel will be invulnerable. Athena told him that Apollo is a tricky man that have a lot of evil inside him, and he does not like Achille anyways. Athena was doubting if Achilles can go to China because not many people has done it before. Achilles told Athena not worry because he knows a friend that know the way
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