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During the Illiad, Achilles is seen as a man of strength and virtue while being regarded as the best Greek warrior of the Trojan War. While Achilles seems to have no weakness within him or inside him, his heel is the only body part that is not completely protected and his ill-temper seems to be a downfall of this great fighter. Encompassed by his many great outward qualities, the actions of a man from his inside shows what his true character is. Among his true inner characteristics, the main ones that show in the play are his pride, his unpredictability, and his rage. Achilles demonstrates his pride in many different situations throughout the Illiad. The first example can be seen in the beginning of the story when Achilles’ war prize, Briseis, is taken away from him. His pride is hurt not only because of the taking away of a woman he is fond of, but his pride takes a hit because of Agamemnon embarrassing him in front of the other warriors which leads to Achilles withdrawing himself from the Greek army. Without the greater warrior in the Greek army, Agamemnon swallows his pride and offers Achilles three gifts. Shortly after, the pride of this great warrior is shown when he rejects the gifts of Agamemnon because of the damage done in the beginning of the…show more content…
Rage is a key component that is paramount throughout the Greek epic shown through the warrior. For example, the death of Patroclus becomes a burden to avenge in the heart of his protector, Achilles. Through many battles, Achilles shows his rage at the hands of many deaths of mortals, including Hector. Achilles’ rage is directed toward all the Trojan army as he tries to deny the burial rights of their leader for their wrongdoings toward his friend. His anger makes Achilles who he is and makes him the fighter that is respected, but his rage sometimes blinds him to some of the more important things in
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