Acme : Design And Implementation Of The New Network Infrastructure

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One of the largest goals of the Acme Relocation Project is the design and implementation of the new network infrastructure. Acme Produce 's Management team has requested the Enterprise Network Engineer design and implement a novel network infrastructure. The current onsite Information Technology team of Acme Produce is lacking Senior Network Engineers. Acme Produce 's Management team has decided to outsource this portion of the project to avoid missing project deadlines, as the Senior Network Engineer positions available have been vacant for several weeks.
To complete the lofty goal of designing a new network infrastructure the Enterprise Network Engineer must meet several objectives including design of the physical placement of network devices, design of the physical connections between all network devices and design of the segmentation of the network utilizing VLANS. The Enterprise Network Engineer shall utilize several of the previously completed objectives including the network inventory scans and network device configuration audit to assist with the design. The Enterprise Network Engineer will utilize software such as Microsoft Visio to layout design schematics for all proposed hardware per physical location including any previously discussed and approved hardware repurpose recommendations. The Enterprise Network Engineer will include repurposed hardware within the Visio schematics; however, the repurposed hardware may or may not be implemented on the new network…
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