Cisco Networking Configuration Project Part 1. Summary.

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Cisco Networking Configuration Project Part 1
I. Site Springfield site device and STP configurations challenges and implementation
II. Bibliography

xACME summary
The trade school in the Springfield region has developed and implemented a WAN link to integrate with all sites as follows: Worchester, Boston, Sacramento and Los Angeles, for better communication purposes. The expansion of their networks has come with some difficulties in communicating from one region to the other, due to their IP address scheme, leading configured networks are not functioning as they should. However, xACME wants to upgrade and exchange their network infrastructure to became more efficient and more productive for all users.
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Vlans are also capable of isolating and warning others of infected routers, letting the administrator of the IT team to carefully take action into the scene before it infects its users.
Site technology and solutions
I choose the devices needed for the new implementation: Cisco Catalyst 6500 router and 2800 series four switches will be utilized. Here is the cost of effective access switches that are capable of VLAN, DTP, DHCP, RSTP, PoE, and furthermore, price can range from $1,400-$3,500 dollars each. These switches offer integrated security including network control and quality service, they also offer redundancy to provide and deliver intelligent services for a networking edge. Therefore, they include flexibility in the routing series as increased port density which could induce a rapid growth in networks without any additional cost at any time. However, the more capacity a device may have the more beneficial it will be to the administrator user, when setting up any secure measures throughout the configuration process of vlans and networks. The network accessibility will be ensured throughout the provision of redundancy of routers throughout the xACME network on each site or trade school. Although, optic fiber cables will be used to connect all layer 2 and 3 switches and servers, spanning tree protocol will be set on switched to address to eliminate any bridging loops from entering into any

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