Active Euthanasia In The United States

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Different situations call for different measures. The word euthanasia is associated with ending someone’s life whether it be voluntary or no-voluntary. Euthanasia is categized by two aspects the 1st aspect of euthanasia is considered passive, and the 2nd aspect of euthanasia is categized as active euthanasia. This propose of this paper is to get a basic understanding of euthanasia and the different variations of definitions, and to explore whether active euthanasia should be legal or illegal in the United States. CRITICAL ISSUES

People are human beings therefore they should make decisions about their own health care issues. Unfortunately, some people are face with having to live each day of their life in pain. Dealing with endless suffering …show more content…

Passive euthanasia also includes removing any artificial means of life support. During this process, no support is given for example CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Furthermore, legal issues rather arise from passive euthanasia. Physicians have the right to withhold the patient’s food and water if the patient is comatose which means that swallowing is very dangerous for the patient. Overseers’, guardians and powers of attorney’s regularly sign DNR (Do not resuscitate) (Virginia Department of Health, Last Reviewed March 5) stipulates that health care professionals are within the law to forbear from resuscitating a patient if the order is sign. There are differences and understanding the severity of passive and active euthanasia are very important. Euthanasia and doctors have always had an unfavorable relationship, since doctor’s promise to do no harm, however taking part in euthanasia does just the opposite. I believe that as long as the patient is alive, there could be a possibly for that individual to have a change of mind. There are a lot of medical mysteries that doctors and scientist cannot explain. Medical miracles happen every day all over the world. However, how can an individual possibly become a medical miracle if he or she gives up on life. People are entitled to have the right to die with their dignity rather than having their illness leave, them as a shadow of what they use to

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