Activity 1.2 Discussion Forum ( Fever )

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Activity 1.2 DISCUSSION FORUM – FEVER Based on the clinical information provided: 1. What is the most likely cause of this patients fever? As stated on the clinical assessment, Sam has recorded a temperature of 37.8oC, “body temperature averages 37C +/- 0.5C and with a range of 35.8-38.2C” as published in (Marieb & Hoehn, 2011, p950), so I would assess Sam’s temperature as initially a low grade fever. As the majority of fevers in hospitals are due to infections (Marshall, 1993, p208). Low-grade fevers can occasionally accompany serious medical conditions with symptoms such as Sam’s difficulty breathing, confusion, decreased levels of consciousness and rapid heart rate. The case study states Sam’s has a condition of insulin dependent diabetes and her complaint to her friend, of burning and frequency when going to the bathroom, we could provisionally diagnosis a probable urinary tract infection as a underlying trigger for the fever (Marshall, 1993, p274). With two arterial blood gases attended and some of the results listed. These results are showing a more acidosis level and with our pH low the PaCO2 low and also HCO3 low, Sam’s decreased level in the glascow coma scale and tachycardia we could consider a hyperglycaemic metabolic or ketosis acidosis and commence corrective treatment immediately( Roman,M,2008, p268). Or is the fever, a stress response from Sam’s body due to an acidotic level and her body’s demands

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