Adam Lanza Case

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As a child Adam lanza had little contact with his father and was not properly nurtured by his mother and the school he attended. As a result, his mental issues were allowed to get out of control and he ended up committing a horrendous crime. Everyone remembers the events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. Before Adam Lanza decided to go to Sandy Hook with a gun, he attended there as a child. In 1998, Lanza began first grade and received speech and language services along with occupational therapy. When Lanza arrived in second grade he was removed from occupational therapy and in fourth grade was removed from all special education. This lead Mrs. Lanza, his mother, to write the school a letter voicing her concern.…show more content…
Mrs. Lanza was concerned about her son and what was going on with him and the school expressed, indirectly, that they weren’t worried or that they didn’t seem to care as much of the problem. This is evident because if they wanted the mother of a community member to not be concerned because the school wasn’t concerned, they could have sent a letter at least allowing her to know that they cared about her concerns and her son. The school was a place where Adam Lanza could go to learn and develop, but the school didn’t have the amount of imagination it takes to nurture someone. The school wasn’t the only contributor to the lack of nurturing in Adam’s life. When Adam was growing up, his father wasn’t as present in his life that someone needs in order to get the correct amount of nurturing he need in order to grow and develop. Adam Lanza wasn’t the only person being destroyed and affected by the absence of his father in his life, Adam’s mother was experiencing issues with her husband and was worried about the way her husband was being a father. Mrs. Lanza often wrote to a friend about how she was concerned about her husband and the effects he was having on their…show more content…
Lanza wrote to friends she clearly addressed that her husband wasn’t spending enough time with their father. The only time Mr. Lanza wanted to be a father to Adam and Ryan Lanza was when it was fun and the actual parenting wasn’t needed. Mr. Lanza gradually became an aloof father, with him being a fairweather father, Adam wasn’t allowed the type of nurturing a boy needs from a father. Mr. Lanza never imagined the kind of nurturing his son Adam would need as he was developing and growing. The influential lack of nurturing was present consistently in the early years of Adam Lanza’s life. Even though most of it occurred when he was a child, the lack of nurturement in Adam’s life was there, slightly or considerably, while he was developing and growing. Nurturement wasn’t only lacking from his father and his school, his mother also couldn’t imagine how much nurturing it would take to nurture Adam. As an adolescent, Adam had mental problems which were diagnosed by doctors, but these problems were never nurtured. HIs mother was a key component to never having his problems nurtured. At 13 years old Adam was taken to the Emergency Room by his mother for a “crisis evaluation”. The only reason to bring Adam to the Emergency Room was to get a medical note saying he could stay out of school.
“followed by a discharge diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ... Danbury Hospital provided information to her regarding next steps for evaluation and treatment.
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