Adam Savage's Video Analysis

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Adam Savage’s video has reminded me of a similar experience I’ve had a couple years ago. Savage mentioned how pop culture, especially movies, had influenced him to create sculptures and other art forms. He made a cardboard spaceship when he was young because he wanted his own Millennium Falcon as Han Solo had in Star Wars. In 2014, when the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released, it inspired me to make a Winter Soldier inspired jacket. I remember that the Winter Soldier’s metal arm amazed me and I wanted to create a jacket that could represent him in a way. I planned out what fabrics to use and how to sew it together, regardless of having little to no sewing skills, and used my mother’s old fabrics in her own sewing room. Even nearing the end of my project I felt frustration when I did not get something as I envisioned it, Savage described this feeling as having meant that one was closer to success. …show more content…

The “temporary happiness” at having made something himself is the pride I felt too. Adam Savage made me change my views of art because up to this moment I only imagined art as having new original ideas, not something referencing pop culture. I never realized art could be a replica of a movie prop as he does. After watching the video, I agree with him that “it doesn’t matter what you make and why you make it, just that you make something”. Art can be made by anyone with an inspiration or a goal in mind. It doesn’t matter if one gets paid for it, or if it’s to make one feel happy, as long as one can make something with their own hands, it is

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