Adaptive Physical Education Is Physical Education Which

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Adaptive Physical Education is physical education which has been adapted or modified, so that it is as appropriate for the person with a disability as it is for a person without a disability. It is an extremely useful class especially in the high school setting. Disabled children are able to do exercises they normally cannot do, experience full gym classes with non disabled students, and learn new and useful fundamental skills they will use for the rest of their lives. To teach a class like this the teacher needs to learn the FAIER model, lean different skills to teach disabled children and be able to asses all students who are involved in the class. The FAIER model is a system to organize information in a way that you can design…show more content…
This is where you analyze the evaluation results and see how the students did. If many of the students did not pass the way, the teacher wanted them to then the teacher must take the time to modify the activity even more so that it will suite the students better. This model is extremely important when the teacher is trying to figure out their students. It helps the teachers have a plan for the class so they aren’t stuck when it comes time to teach. For teachers to teach this class they are going to have to develop other skills then their basic physical education teacher. There are six standards for an APE teacher. These standards include human development, motor behavior, exercise science, curriculum development, teaching, and communication. Human development is the basic understanding of how skills develop and progress and how they apply to those with disabilities. This is important to know due to the fact there are both disabled and non disabled students in this class. The Motor behavior standard, is having the knowledge to monitor how motor skills develop and being able to keep in mind the influence of development delay for those that are disabled. This also goes along with the next standard which is curriculum development. This is the understanding of how each student has a different goal depending on their disability. Teachers must be away at all times of their students and what is different about them. The teaching standard is being able to
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