Addiction Recovery Program Analysis

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The Phoenix Rescue Mission strives to provide “Christ-centered, life transforming solutions to persons facing hunger and homelessness” (n.d.). It accomplishes this through a variety of programs including emergency and temporary shelter services, as well as addiction recovery and vocational development training for those who seek to end the cycle of homelessness. This evaluation will not attempt to offer information on the emergency and temporary shelter services beyond statistical numbers of the persons that enter the facility on a daily or weekly basis as these programs are not designed to bring about any long-term change, but are there to offer relief from symptoms of the problem.
This evaluation will look into the outcomes of the addiction
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During the first phase participants are given basic recovery principles and skills needed to overcome their substance dependency and are asked to commit to a Christ-centered recovery plan (, n.d.). During the second phase program members attend classes and counseling to identify destructive patterns and behaviors. They also commit to making amends and take responsibility for damage relationships or harm that they have caused themselves and others (, n.d.). Additionally, at the end of this phase participants begin to focus on their talents and skills that will help them lead a new life. They are offered training in areas that they may be deficient. The third phase prepares program members for their independence by offering them three options. Participants will either begin pursuing and maintaining employment, start a mentorship in Christian leadership and receive service responsibilities, or began intensive re-entry training for those who are married, face legal mandates, or must deal with health difficulties (, n.d.). Those clients who wish to receive additional support are offered six months of aftercare, during which they complete monthly progress reports and participate in meetings with the program’s alumni association (,
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